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Cataract Care

Cataract Specialist: Dr. Thirumalai Kumar, being a passionate cataract specialist has performed more than a lakh successful cataract surgeries in his 20 years of experience. He has mastered advanced techniques including Micro incision Phacoemulsification with Foldable IOL implantation, Scleral Fixation techniques, and small incision cataract surgery.

The main objective of Aathi eye hospital is to offer a painless and injection less cataract surgery with the latest available technology so that patients can recover & resume their normal activities at the earliest, and also to maintain strict asepsis in OT to have a Zero infection rate.

To be in the leader in the cataract surgery area, we have the latest & most advanced Alcon’s LEGION phacoemulsification system, first in south Tamil Nadu.

LEGION Phacoemulsification system is not only the latest but also an ultra-efficient Phacoemulsifier specialized for minimizing invasive cataract surgery with its precision and advanced fluidics, a true compliment for a phaco-surgeon.

Aathi eye hospital in one of the best cataract surgery hospital in madurai

Unique Services

Dedicated team of optometrists for pre-operative evaluation.

An empathetic preoperative counseling where patients can understand about his ailments and discuss about the visual outcome and to select the type of IOL which suits to patient’s expectations and economic status.

Very meticulous preoperative evaluation

State of the art technology for IOL power calculation

State of the art OT


At our eye hospital, We are best cataract specialist in Micro-Phacoemulsification in which cataract has been emulsified through latest LEGION phacoemulsification system through an ultra-small 1.8 mm incision which is more stable than a routine 2.4 mm incision.