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Glaucoma Care

Retina Services Clinic in Madurai

Dr. T. Thirumalai Kumar has also undergone training in Surgical and Medical management of Glaucoma.

He had performed more than a thousand glaucoma filtering surgeries and Glaucoma lasers. We offer all the facilities required in the diagnosis and the management of glaucoma at our hospital.

Initial glaucoma workup involves the measurement of the intraocular pressure (IOP) with the help of a Goldmann’s Applanation tonometer, evaluation of the angle of the eye with a Goldmann goniolens, examination of the optic nerve head by slit-lamp biomicroscopy and the measurement of the central corneal thickness using a pachymeter.

Visual field monitoring is a very important part of glaucoma management. We have Humphrey’s Field Analyzer strategy that allows us to monitor visual fields efficiently, assess progression if any and change our mode of approach. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) is the latest in glaucoma diagnostics that gives us a quantitative measurement of the retinal nerve fibre layer, the part of the eye damaged in glaucoma.

Although medications are the mainstay of glaucoma management, the laser is required in certain types of glaucoma. We have the facility to do a laser iridotomy using the YAG laser in cases of angle-closure glaucoma. Another laser procedure in glaucoma, the laser trabeculoplasty is also done sometimes surgical procedures in glaucoma including trabeculectomy with and without antimetabolites, trabeculectomy and even glaucoma drainage valve implant placements are performed by qualified surgeons at our centre.

If medications fail to bring the Intraocular pressure within expected level next option is only Surgery – Trabaculectomy.