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Pediatric Eye Care

Kids Eye Doctor inSivakasi

Children’s eye care is one of our focus. We have staff who has been specially trained in pediatric ophthalmology. We believe in preventive care. The children and parents are made aware of the importance of proper diet, exercise, use of computers or video games, lighting, posture, etc. We lay great emphasis on a balanced diet and outdoor activities for a growing child’s eyes. Most often, an imbalance of these factors results in children wearing glasses or spectacles.

Our center is equipped with picture charts to record vision, color charts, stereopsis charts (to record the balance of vision in both eyes), etc. Of this, the stereopsis test is the most critical as it tests the balance of vision of both eyes.

We prescribe corrective lenses (spectacles) only in the needed child, we make sure that the lens and frame are of the highest quality to help the child to have a full range of vision. Often, we come across parents who go after a fancy designer frame rather than a frame that is safe and helps all-round vision.