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Retina Care

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Most common cause of defective vision due to retinal disease is Diabetic Retinopathy.

Retina care is an integral part of our comprehensive eye care.

During your visit to our hospital, you will first be taken through a routine checkup of your refraction by a team of qualified optometrists. This will be followed by the dilatation of your pupils for a detailed retinal exam.

Following dilatation, it may be difficult to read or drive for several hours after the visit. You may wish to bring sunglasses and/or a driver for your vehicle. Retinal evaluations can be time-consuming and often involve additional tests and treatment. If you have other systemic complaints (diabetes, hypertension etc), bring in your other medical records with details of the medications you are on.

Detailed History taking

Vision Test

Amsler chart – To Assess the center 5-degree vision

Anterior segment evaluation with Slit Lamp Microscope

Color vision

Retinal evaluation – Direct, Indirect ophthalmoscope and 90D

Field test – Automated perimeter